Funky fashion designed in Amsterdam.

Step into the world of Catwalk Junkie – a celebration of creativity and femininity. We invite you to let your personality glow.

At Catwalk Junkie we like to do things in our own unique way, slightly different than the rest. We are not afraid to surprise you with our prints or finishes.

We are loved for our quality, comfort, essentials and relevance. We design our clothes so that you can style them in your own way, for any time of the day.

Catwalk Junkie is more than a brand with style, at Catwalk Junkie we celebrate life.

We are proud to be an Amsterdam-based brand
and we love our beautiful city.

The Catwalk Junkie HQ is located in
Amsterdam-North: our city’s most creative and
up & coming neighborhood. Here we design our
collections with much love and dedication.

Our founder and creative director
Marieke Willemars will show you around.
Let’s have a look!

Discover our collections

We bring 4 collections a year. The collections are being dropped in monthly deliveries so that we can bring the right items at the right time.

Spring 24: Jan / Feb / March
Summer 24: April / May
Fall 24: July / August
Winter 24: Sept / Oct

NOOS is available through the whole year.

Women wearing
Catwalk Junkie

Let’s talk about our founder & creative director: Marieke Willemars.

From day one founder and creative director Marieke Willemars has been dedicated to grow and nurture the brand’s success.

From the in-house design studio at the Catwalk Junkie headquarters in Amsterdam, she works with her team to design collections and oversees everything from design and marketing to production and art direction.

“Every design receives the same amount of love and attention from us. Every fabric is carefully selected, every fit is perfected. Prints and artworks are designed and drawn by hand — love is poured into every single piece. Our mission is to inspire and to bring positive liveliness into the world of fashion”.

– Marieke Willemars


As a brand we value sustainability and believe that sustainability is an ever-evolving practice. We produce in factories with valid certifications and have developed long and close relationships with our production teams worldwide, to ensure that everyone involved in making our garments is treated fairly, safely and respectfully.

We emphasize longevity and aim to create versatile key pieces that offer quality, so we encourage you to keep your versatile Catwalk Junkie pieces for a long time — to style it in new ways, each season.


For all our retailers we offer an online B2B platform where you can easily place re-orders. Orders will be delivered within the next 48 hours.

Our brand photography, the Catwalk Junkie logo and our sustainability certificates can be downloaded here as well.

Next to our own B2B platform, you can find us on FashionCloud.


Our core business is The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Furthermore, Catwalk Junkie is available online.

We are happiest when we meet our customers live in our own brand stores in Amsterdam, Utrecht and outlet Bataviastad – or at one of our many retail partners in Europe.

Step into our world