A city stroll with Kim Verhagen

Meet Kim, hair & make-up artist, mom of two boys, upcoming photographer and above all our amazing friend.

We have been lucky to work with her for years on our shoots. Always brining her positive mindset & being her beautiful self.
Photography & film by @miloutjioe


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What do you do for work and how did you get started?

I’m a hair & make-up artist. I started 14 years ago doing small jobs and assisting hairstylists on sets just to watch and learn and doing lots of testshoots. And eventually my work and network grew and I worked full time. Now I’m working a little less as I have two little humans at home who deserve my attention. But the combination of both is how I am the happiest.

How could you best describe life as a mom of now 2?

Chaotic! Haha. Seriously one kid felt like a holiday compared to two, but it’s the best thing ever. I’m so incredibly lucky with these two boys and they are also madly in love with eachother, so it’s a joy to watch.

I feel most confident when ....

It's nothing specific. It just depends on how I wake up I guess. But I think getting older and also being a mom made me more confident overall. Don’t get me wrong, I have my insecure little moments as everybody has but in the big picture I know who I am and where I stand in life.
And if I have a day when I’m not really feeling myself, it helps to put on something nice and do my hair.

Song on repeat right now ...

Frank ocean-white ferrari has had a big come back in my spotify. But I can listen to him forever.

Where do you go or what do you do to recharge?

Working out or eating out with friends.
Nothing better than good food, wine and a talk.



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