Meet wonder woman Luca Knegt. Owner of creative agency and talent management Silk Studio and creative communityTEN Women. We have been enjoying working together with Luca over the last years, and created beautiful collaborations like our recent Catwalk Junkie campaign with Oumayma El Boumeshouli. About time to feature Luca as Women in CJ!

Shot and styled by Milou Tjioe & Danique den Hollander.

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself and what you do?

My name is Luca, I am 34 years old and I divide my time between Rotterdam, Amsterdam and the rest of the world. I love people, places, adventure and trying out new things :).


When and how did you start Silk Studio?

I always had the dream to start my own company. After finishing art academy and a business master, working in fashion and in journalism at some moment I felt the time was right. The moment I started Silk Studio was actually exactly when the pandemic started as well. At Silk Studio all my passions come together as it is a creative agency where we flip visions. We focus on talent management, branding and social media strategies and always add a deeper layer to our collaborations.


How do you stay inspired and creative?

By visiting new places and meeting new people and hearing their stories and views on life. And also sometimes just slowing down and sitting down on a bench while 

observing my surrounding can be inspiring.


What do you love most about running Silk Studio?

So many things :). The freedom! That you can make every idea come to live, the magic that happens when you collaborate with other people, not having any creative boundaries and the perks that you can work from anywhere you want.


When you're not working what do you love to do? What gives you joy?

Meeting new people can give me a lot of energy. Besides that I love the sun, dancing, cooking, painting and hosting dinners .


We know you are a true travel lover: what travels are dearest to you and which are still on your bucket list?

Brazil for sure! The beautiful and crazy nature! And Rio for its energy, I don’t know any other city that is so lively, the music the people and how the city is beautifully intwined with nature is amazing!

On my bucket list are nature wise: the Amazones and country wise: Costa Rica, Guatemala and Japan.


We know you also run TEN women could you tell us a bit more about this?

I run TEN women together with Nathalie. TEN women is a platform that we started because we missed a place where we could meet llike minded women to network and to collaborate with.

That is why we started TEN: a platform where we bring women from the creative industry together to connect, inspire and empower each other.

We also host a lot of online and offline events where you can meet inspiring women, so they are definitely worth checking out :).


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Hopes, dreams and goals for this years or the years to come?

#1 Being happy and spending time with great people at tropical destinations

#2 Finding a great work and life balance while combining a life in nature and the city 

#3 I bought a piece of land in Puerto Escondido, a beautiful place in Mexico. 

My goal for this year is to build a multifunctional space there: a creative place and bed and breakfast in one where people and passion come together.

#4 Expanding TEN-women and Silk Studio internationally while bringing people together and making creative concepts come to live.


I feel most confident when...

I am happy in the sun and at the beach with summer clothes and no make up.


Song on repeat now...

Borders Lenny Kravitz & SAINT JHN


Words you live by...

Better regret the things you did than regretting the things you did not do.


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