Catwalk Junkie is a 'feel good' fashion brand from Amsterdam. What started in 2009 with a rack of striking T-shirts and sweaters has now grown into a sparkling total collection.

Catwalk Junkie wants to inspire. Never dictate. We believe that trends only really conquer the world when they are mastered. Away from boxes, free from frames.

Bij Catwalk Junkie zijn we op een inifinite pursuit of happiness. Met onze collecties willen we iedere vrouw aanmoedigen zich vrij te uiten, op een manier die haar het allerbeste past. Maandelijks gedistribueerd, presenteren we 4 complete collecties per jaar met wisselende thema's. 

Onze duurzame Comfort Studio lijn is het hele jaar door beschikbaar. Naast onze hoofd collectie, bieden we ook een NOOS collectie aan bestaande uit everyday essentials.

Marieke Willemars is the founder and creative director of Catwalk Junkie. Marieke is a nomad of the city. She loves her freedom, traveling and her cat Pika.

"We are a brand with a purpose; to inspire women to feel good. Especially when they are themselves. Our designs are about creativity, positivity and following their own path. By playing with styles, prints and fabrics, we keep the collections surprising and relevant."


Prints and artworks are designed and drawn by hand in our in-house design studio in Amsterdam. Every design receives the same amount of attention from us. Every button is carefully selected, every fit is perfected.

Catwalk Junkie takes an increasingly conscious approach. We are open and honest about our journey towards sustainability, but recognize that there is still a lot to learn. We are currently integrating sustainability into both our collection and production, making greener choices every day.

We are proud that there are more than 400 physical and online stores worldwide that stock Catwalk Junkie. The entire collection is available in our own brand stores in Amsterdam and Utrecht and via our online shop.

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