Metropolitan Muse

Catwalk Junkie Winter 2023

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We introduce our latest
collection ' Metropolitan Muse' .

Metropolitan Muse hits the feeling of '90s nostalgia combined with the city's cool urban aesthetic. The new Catwalk Junkie collection brings a distinct palette of neon colors, bright shades, relaxed fits and cool essentials, inspired by the bustling downtown.

  • 730 - Gossamer Green
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    Long Sleeve Laya

    €29,98 Normaler Preis €59,95   -50%

  • 100 - Black
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    Skirt Cody

    Ausverkauft Normaler Preis €89,95   -50%

    north-atlantic black
  • “We were inspired by the vibrant creative energy of world cities. It gives a daring, eclectic and versatile feeling to be able to be yourself there.”

    Marieke Willemars,
    Co-Founder & Head Designer.

  • 214 - Whisper White
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    Hood Fairy

    Ausverkauft Normaler Preis €59,95   -50%

  • 540 - Indian Tan
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    Dress Feline

    Ausverkauft Normaler Preis €99,95   -50%

  • Model: Silke Otten
    Photographer: Robin Balou

  • 758 - Deep Burgandy
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    Blazer Zoe

    Ausverkauft Normaler Preis €159,95   -50%