Catwalk Junkie is a womenswear brand from Amsterdam, with a funky take on the day-to-day wardrobe.

We launched Catwalk Junkie in 2009. Since then, we've been inspired by the women around us. Each collection is a reflection of our hometown Amsterdam. Vibrant and creative. With an open mind and plenty of room for the unexpected.

A bit bold, slightly edgy. But equally feminine and elegant. With funky interpretations of everyday classics, we stay relevant. From T-shirts and tailored pieces to denim and sweaters. All our styles are designed to easily create an outfit for any moment.

Catwalk Junkie embodies a carefree approach to everyday dressing. We anticipate your weekly demands and understand what you need in your wardrobe. This translates into carefree silhouettes with funky details that easily fit into your life.

Verken onze collecties

We present 4 collections per year. We design these in our own in-house design studio in creative Amsterdam North. We launch these collections in monthly deliveries - ensuring the right items are delivered at the right time.

Spring 24: Jan / Feb / Mar
Summer 24: April / May
Fall 24: July/August
Winter 24: Sept / Oct

NOOS available all year round.

Summer'24 collection

A colorful ode to the ocean

Women wearing
Catwalk Junkie

Meet Marieke Willemars: Founder & creative director

Marieke Willemars, founder and creative director, has been fully committed to growing and nurturing the success of Catwalk Junkie since its founding in 2005. From our Amsterdam headquarters, she works with her team to create the collections and oversees every aspect, from design and marketing to production and art direction.

“At Catwalk Junkie we give every design the same love and attention. We carefully select every fabric and perfect every fit. Prints and artworks are designed and drawn by hand. Our goal is to inspire — to bring positive vibrancy to the world of fashion.” - Marieke Willemars


As a brand, we attach great importance to sustainability and recognize that it is an ongoing development. We work with certified factories and have built long-term and strong relationships with our production teams around the world.

In this way we ensure that everyone involved in the production process of our clothing is treated fairly, safely and with respect.

In addition to using sustainable materials, we emphasize longevity and strive to create versatile key pieces that offer quality.

We encourage you to keep your versatile Catwalk Junkie pieces for a long time — and style them in new ways every season.


We have a B2B platform available for all our retailers, where you can easily and quickly place additional orders, which will be delivered within 48 hours.

You can download our photography, the Catwalk Junkie logo and our sustainability certificates here.

In addition to our own B2B platform, we can also be found on FashionCloud.


We design for the Dutch,
Belgian and German market. Catwalk Junkie is available online.

In addition, we are happy that we can also meet our consumers live in our three own stores in Amsterdam, Utrecht, and the Bataviastad outlet store - and of course at all our retail partners.

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