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Behind the Catwalk Junkie Jeans

“We have designed 3 types of Catwalk Junkie Jeans, our mission was to create the perfect fit for every woman. A pair of jeans that you want to wear every day, that moves with you, that is comfortable, flattering and stylish, that you can combine with your wardrobe in endless ways - in short, a pair of jeans that really makes you happy, a pair of jeans in which you lives! Because we understand better than anyone that no woman is the same, we and our team continued to try on and perfect the right materials, washes and fits until...

Treffen Sie Marieke Willemars

Marieke Willemars, founder and creative director, has been fully committed to growing and nurturing the brand's success from day one. From the in-house design studio at the head office in Amsterdam, she works with her team to create collections and oversee every aspect from design and marketing to production and art direction.

Our sustainable collection

Comfort Studio is made with sustainability in mind. We go for comfort and style, but also want to limit our impact on the environment. We do this by bringing almost seasonless everyday essentials. Designs that are and remain relevant, made from responsible fabrics that we select very consciously. The path to sustainability is one with many bumps and turns. It is a journey rather than a destination. We will never do it perfectly, but what we can promise is progression. We like to be transparent and honest about our process, the decisions we make and the challenges we encounter along...

Zusammenfassung der Amsterdam Fashion Week

A day full of sun, inspiring people, laughter and love. We want to thank everyone for coming to celebrate our debut at Amsterdam Fashion Week at the pop-up exhibition in Oode & de HUB!

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