The Jeans you want to live in

The perfect fit for every woman

โ€œWe have designed 3 types of Catwalk Junkie Jeans: Loose, Flare and Slim. Our mission was to create the perfect fit for every woman. A pair of jeans that you want to wear every day, that moves with you, that is comfortable, flattering and stylish, that you can combine with your wardrobe in endless ways - in short, a pair of jeans that really makes you happy, a pair of jeans in which you lives!"

Marieke Willemars,
Founder & Designer Catwalk Junkie.

Hinter den CJ Jeans

Take a look behind the design process of our new Catwalk Junkie Jeans line, in our interview with Marta Clotet โ€“ Designer & Product Developer Catwalk Junkie.

Lockere Passform

Our Loose Fit is where ultimate comfort and style go hand in hand. Your go-to jeans, flattering for every figure, for every day and easy to combine.

These jeans have a loose fit and extra long, straight wide legs with a raw unfinished hem, so you can easily cut the pants to the right length yourself.


Our Flare is a favorite, timeless classic that elongates your feminine silhouette.

These jeans have extra long flared legs with a raw unfinished hem, so you can easily cut the pants to the right length.


Our Slim fit is an all-time curve hugging classic that moves with you at any time of the day - a comfortable pair of jeans that never goes out of style.

These jeans fall at the ankle and are available in two lengths.

Timeless design

We have carefully designed our CJ Jeans with our team in our design studio in Amsterdam. As true denim enthusiasts, we wanted to stay close to authentic jeans โ€“ not too many frills, unnecessary details and, above all, choose the right high-quality, comfortable and durable materials.

We aimed for the perfect wash and color of the jeans - so that they are easy to combine. In short, there's nothing you can't wear on it! A lot of love and attention has gone into achieving these right colors. We received a lot of samples from the factory to ultimately arrive at the perfect washes. We are very proud of the end result!

Customize it yourself

The hem of the Loose Fit and the Flare Fit are unfinished, so you can cut the jeans to your own size or leave them long when wearing the jeans with heels.

Check out our tutorial on Instagram on how to easily cut the jeans.

check our tutorial

Our jeans are made from 99% cotton โ€“ of which 51% recycled cotton โ€“ and 1% elastane for that little bit of stretch and extra comfort. We were looking for the ultimate balance between a comfortable stretch and while preserving the authentic timelessness of the denim.

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