Ethical and aesthetic

Comfort Studio is made with sustainability in mind. We go for comfort and style, but also want to limit our impact on the environment. We do this by bringing almost seasonless everyday essentials. Designs that are and remain relevant, made from responsible fabrics that we select very consciously.

The path to sustainability is one with many bumps and turns. It is a journey rather than a destination. We will never do it perfectly, but what we can promise is progression. We like to be transparent and honest about our process, the decisions we make and the challenges we encounter along the way.

Follow my journey

We strive to be as transparent as possible at every stage of the process. That is why we have made every Comfort Studio item fully traceable. By scanning the QR code 'follow my journey' on the hang tag or care label of your sustainable garment, you can follow the unique journey from cotton cultivation to end product. We tell you how your garment was made, where it was made and when it was made.


Our Loungewear is available in different shades. They are made with the utmost care from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton. Sometimes we add a little recycled polyester for extra softness. Every Comfort Studio item is not only made ethically and environmentally friendly, but is also of very high quality. You can therefore pull it out of the closet for years to come.

For our Loungewear range we have joined forces with FAIR & Co. Each collection is ethically made in their SA8000 and GOTS certified factory in India, under safe and healthy working conditions by people who are paid fair wages. FAIR & Co works closely with Chetna Organic, an India-based initiative that helps smallholder farmers become self-sufficient by making farming a sustainable and profitable business.

Our sweaters and pullovers meet the highest international standards when it comes to safety, quality and durability. From cotton seed to end product. We are proud that the entire supply chain is certified and not just parts of it. This means that we eliminate waste and limit the use of chemicals as much as possible. We are one step closer to saving our planet.

With our Activewear collection we go for a long life. The items are largely made of recycled GRS-certified polyamide that is nice and stretchy and comfortable and therefore feels like a second skin. We have chosen this soft material because it is super strong and therefore durable. Polyamide is tough, but absolutely gentle on the skin. An ultra-light interlock quality maximizes comfort and allows greater freedom of movement.

The fabric we use comes from worn garments that have been recycled into new yarns in Italy. This is then used to create a completely new fabric. Each design eventually comes to life at Hi-Tech in Turkey. This factory has passed an amfori BSCI audit, which means that they embrace and respect internationally recognized core labor standards. This includes fair wages, good working hours, environmental protection, health and safety at work.

The journey continues

Comfort Studio is a continuous journey of discovery into sustainability. The first steps have been taken, but we realize that there is still a lot to learn and discover. Together with our partners, we continue to train and we will always try to improve the production process. From beginning to end. It is our goal to become a little bit more sustainable with each collection.

Join us on this meaningful journey towards sustainability and self-confidence.