Catwalk Junkie is an Amsterdam-born womenswear brand, with a funky take & carefree approach to your day-to-day wardrobe.

We lanceerden Catwalk Junkie in 2009. En laten ons sindsdien inspireren door de vrouwen om ons heen. Iedere collectie is een reflectie van onze hometown Amsterdam. Bruisend en creatief met een open mind en alle ruimte voor het onverwachte. 

“Bold, but always feminine. From T-shirts and tailored pieces to denim and sweaters. 

With funky interpretations of everyday classics, we stay relevant. All our styles are designed to easily create an outfit for any moment”.

Marieke Willemars,
Founder & Creative Director

Catwalk Junkie embodies a carefree approach to everyday dressing. We anticipate your weekly demands and understand what you need in your wardrobe. This translates into carefree silhouettes with funky details that easily fit into your day. 

We create reliable pieces to deliver maximum style with minimal effort. 

Step into our world.